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Posted September 23, 2013 // Monday
To most home cooks, a blender and food processor may not appear too different. Both seem to exist to simply chop, grind or puree ingredients into bits for our dining pleasure. So why is it that those in the know tend to keep both handy in their kitchens? Both blenders and food processors actually have their own unique strengths when it comes to different tasks. And if you're only in the market for one, you may need to figure out which is best suited to your needs. We take a look at both appliances and the tasks they're best suited to. ï»¿
Posted September 23, 2013 // Monday
Designing and remodelling a kitchen involves more than just picking the right appliances. The placement of working spaces, cabinets and appliances will affect how you cook too. Take the classic Kitchen Work Triangle, which places the refrigerator, sink and stove in a triangle that makes the preparation of food more efficient and ergonomic.  
Posted September 23, 2013 // Monday
These days, the experience of cooking can be as enjoyable as the meal itself, or even more so. As a result, kitchen design has taken on a larger role in how we experience the preparation of meals. A good layout ensures convenience, accessibility and less cleaning post-meal. Here are five tips to ensure your kitchen is designed for maximum comfort and efficiency:

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